Friday, May 6, 2016

Graduation Folly

Dear Parents,

I know I'm going to ruffle a few feathers with this post and that's ok.  If you are easily offended, you should probably stop reading now and just wait 3 more months for the next blog post.  As we are entering into graduation season, please....

I beg of you....

Stop calling your child ADVANCING to another grade a GRADUATION.

I know, you're very proud of lil Ti Ti for completing 8th grade and moving on up to high school. And you prayed night after night that lil Ray Ray would pass all her final exams to get into Kindergarten.  But unless your child is graduating from 12th grade or 16th grade....It's not a graduation and I don't care.

The problem is, our society likes to celebrate moving up from 3rd grade to 4th grade like it's a huge accomplishment. And it's not.  It's like passing out trophies of participation to kids; it's a nice gesture but it makes the championship trophy meaningless.

We should be pushing all of our kids to graduate from high school and going on to higher education.  THAT is a real accomplishment.  No seriously, have you seen what standardized tests look like these days? Half of us wouldn't have made it out of high school.

Parents, I didn't mean to kill your vibe.  I'm happy you're so happy.  Just keep up that enthusiasm & zealousness as your kids grow older.  Trust me, they'll need it.

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