Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sarah Baartman

Have you ever heard of Sarah Baartman? What about Jennifer Lopez? I know you've heard of Nicki Minaj.  What do all three of these ladies have in common...giant asses...ummm, rear ends.

You've probably not heard of Sarah Baartman because she lived in the 1800's.  Well, just like her modern day counterparts, she was lauded for her back side.  She was so celebrated that she was taken on a world wide traveling freak show.  She was so admired that after she passed away, her genitalia was studied by modern science.  She was so revered that people all over the world assumed all Black women were hyper-sexualized beasts.  I guess you can say she was a celebrity.

Fast forward to today.  Women are extolled for their bodies in music videos and strip clubs.  Television would have you believe that all Black women are hyper-sexualized with tons of babies.  And how do we respond?  With life-threatening ass shots and booty pops.  When did our butts become our most important attribute?  The problem is, once you become just an 'ass' YOU are no longer important.

For Black History Month, think of the implications of our adoration and celebration of the almighty ass.  After all, it was only a short time ago that Sarah Baartman was the world's biggest celebrity.

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