Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gimme More

Hey guys!!

I's been a long time but I wanted to share my big news. Guess what? I moved! That's right this New York City gal no longer lives in New York City. And you won't believe where I moved. Baltimore Maryland!! Or, for The Wire fans, Bodymore, Murderland. (I kid I kid.) So far, I've really enjoyed the city. I mean, I haven't gotten shot yet so really what's there to complain about??

When I told my friends I was moving, a lot of them asked me why would I leave New York for Baltimore. Hell, even when I got to Baltimore people were asking me why would I leave New York for Baltimore. But, I was ready for something different.

I wanted to advance in my career.
Contrary to popular belief, I don't go out that much (besides the occasional happy hour).
And I am ready to settle down with my invisible boyfriend.

So, that's my big news! Believe it or not, I miss you guys. So I hope to give you a lil more from Baltimore.

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