Monday, April 8, 2013

Guest Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Today, we have a guest book review!  So, I told yall how squeemish I was reading the sex scenes in Mogul so I knew I wouldn't be able to handle The Shades.  But don't worry, my good friend Nay wrote a book review for you:

I dove into Fifty Shades of Grey.  Even though I'm super busy watching missed episodes of Scandal On Demand writing reports, I made sure to set aside precious moments every day to read me some Fifty Shades.  Halfway into the book, I realized's because I really, really hated this book and wanted it to end as soon as possible.

The heroine of our story is an outlandishly insecure recent college graduate Ana, who is 'seduced' by a rich, gorgeous psychopath named Christian Grey.  Mr. Grey showers Ana with all kinds of ridiculous gifts and breaks her off with more sex than the Duggars have per year.  But, he also has strange, 'dark' rules, such as the fact that he does not like to be touched or looked at....oh and then there's the small thing of him wanting to literally beat the s#!t out of her.

Overall, the takeaway from this book is if you think you're an otherwise bright young lady whose looks leave much to be desired and you meet a man who humiliates, stalks, force feeds you, makes you cry (oh, and did I mention beats the brakes off you) you should probably go for it cuz that's as good as it gets.  And even sadder than that is the fact that this book has been met with critical acclaim by women all across our society. Oh, the empowerment!  Well, yall check out Books 2 and 3 and let me know what you think.  As for me, I'll be reading the Autobiography of Ida B. Wells or something to get my life back on track.

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