Friday, January 20, 2012

Let Paula Deen be Great!

Why is everybody hating on Paula Deen?? First of all, let me say that I love that silver-haired lady.  She's what I imagine a White, Southern grandmother to be...just without the racism.  Every time I see her on TV, she's seems so sweet and she is just glowing...probably from all the butter.

A few days ago, Paula announced she had Diabetes.  Instead of people being concerned for Paula's well-being, they attacked her and basically said she's getting what she deserves.  Now, we all know that Paula loves butter and deep-frying things; her shows and cookbooks are full of recipes laden in hydrogenated oils and saturated fat.  And if YOU choose to eat those foods're a fool. 

My favorite Paula recipe is her baked french toast casserole.  (Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds.)  Do you think I eat this every morning for breakfast?  Hell to the no!  I make this dish when I have company so I can make them fat.

Bottom line, I wish Paula Deen many years of good health and good eating and I can't wait to buy her "Everything but the butter" cookbook.


  1. Everybody is hating on Paula Deen, not because she is a diabetic, but because she has had the condition for 3 years, all the while, promoting the same food that leads to diabetes. I mean this woman has commercials for Smithfield ham that have been running for at least a year or two. Paula Deen is a sweet, syrupy fraud. She has learned what most Southern girls know by the time they are 10 years old - keep up a good front, pretend you are a sweetheart and keep the real version of yourself underwraps. Reminds me of some of those hideous women I saw in the movie, The Help. Paula is all about making her money, and I'm not hating on that. She had to disclose her disease, because folks would be confused once her ads hawking Novo Nordisk diabetes drugs start popping up all over the place. I guarantee she would not have disclosed her disease if she had not had the Novo Nordisk contract. While I agree with you that we should not eat those foods everyday, I also think that as a public figure who promotes a certain lifestyle, she had a responsibility to be honest with her audience. These are the same people lining her pockets with silk as they purchase all her cookbooks. Being a public figure is all about give and take - you let us into a little bit of who you really are, and we buy your goods or support your show. It seems she has forgotten that.

  2. I definitely get that people don't like that Paula only disclosed her disease in order to profit from it. However, I don't think she has to be held responsible for the type of cuisine she's chosen to cook. If you do anything excessively (drink, drugs, eat fatty foods) it's gonna catch up with you. And as far as I know, Paula usually used the disclaimer "I'm your cook, not your doctor."


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