Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm not a B*tch or a Ho

Ladies, why do we call each other bitch or ho?  Is it really a term of endearment.

Today, ladies have taken these words and openly call themselves "Queen Bitch" or "5-star Bitch" or "Down Ass Bitch."  It's as if women wear these terms with pride.  But why?  Why would you want to be called out of your name?  Recently, Kanye West wrote a song about his (excuse me while I throw up in my mouth) girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, titled Perfect B*tch.  Well, Ms. Kardashian gushed about how flattered she was.  Is it really flattering? He could have titled the song "My Perfect Kim" but instead he called you a bitch and you're cool with it? Ok.

See, I have a couple of problems with Mr. West's (and others) use of this word.  It's derogatory, no woman should ever accept that as being okay, what are we teaching our daughters about respecting themselves, and would you want someone to use that term referring to your mother?  You see, when I was growing up, we had Queen Latifah reminding us we weren't a bitch or a ho; now Nicki Minaj makes songs called "Stupid Ho" about other females.  Seems to me we're going backwards.

So ladies, can we stop referring to each other as bitch?  It's bad enough that men use that term freely, we shouldn't contribute to it as well.


  1. I think there are ways in which women have taken ownership of the word. Some women are just my BITCHES (!), you know? My ride-or-dies ... love 'em to death ... wouldn't trade 'em for the world. In that sense, I am not perpetuating any messages about objectification or demonizing women with dominant voices or anything. I am simply talking about my homies. Kanye West (And The Dream ... have you heard "Dope Bitch"? Ugh.) is definitely degrading women ... he is suggesting that women are bitches and Kim is one of many bitches that he has chosen ... the perfect one, might I add. It's always more problematic when men use it because they are the oppressors of women. I can say it, but they bet' not.

  2. I think those words should not be used by anyone. Just my opinion!


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