Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fantasy Reality

Do you play fantasy football? If so, you're one of 35 million people who do.  Hey, I don't really have a problem with Fantasy Football, if it'll keep AK-47s out of single mothers' hands in Chicago, it's good with me.  And the League loves it.  Fantasy Football is a gazillion dollar business on top of the trazillion dollar business that is the National Football League.

Actually, I do have one issue with fantasy football...I think it's ruining fan-dom.  Traditionally, you have your 1 maybe 2 teams you cheer for, and that's all that matters to you.  Those players, that quarterback, that's it. In the world of fantasy, you care about errrrrrybody just cuz they're on your fantasy team.  There's no reason a Redskins fan should ever cheer for Tony Romo to do well, unless he's on their fantasy team then all bets are off? Nah son.  

Where it really gets funky is with fans and players.  'Fans' (and I use the term loosely) have gone so far as to tweet injured players to see if they will be playing on Sunday.  Not because they were concerned for that player but because that player is on their fantasy team.  Huh? Nah son.

Basically, just cheer for your team.  Would the Hatfields cheer for the McCoys?  Would the Montagues cheer for the Capulets?  Hell, would Tom cheer for Jerry?  I think not.

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