Monday, April 14, 2014

What Are We?

Three. Dreaded. Words.  (Every guy who just read the title of this post just cringed and exited the browser.)

These three words usually come between the 3-6 month dating mark.  It's the time when women want to define the relationship (DTR) and men want to, well, not.  Okay, maybe it's not as simple as they don't want to DTR, but they're definitely not jumping at the possibility of only dating you for an indefinite amount of time.

There are a couple of reasons why men scurry from this question:

  • They don't want to give up all the women in the world to settle down with one woman.  After all, they  might still have a chance with Rihanna.
  • They like being single and not having to answer to anyone
  • They've heard/seen horror stories from their married friends and are in no rush to walk down that aisle.
  • They're just not that into you. Period.

I know this conversation is a difficult one to have, ladies, but it's necessary.  Otherwise you'll find yourself in an unending situationship with a guy you're head over heels for.

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