Thursday, August 30, 2012


As yall know, I'm single so that means I spend 20 hours a day talking about being single and finding a man.  Recently, my conversations have centered around what I'm looking for and I'm beginning to wonder, do I want too much?  Do I have too many deal breakers?  My ideal man:
  1. Must eat pork. I don't get down with this anti-pork generation.  Make me a honey baked ham glazed with bacon grease.
  2. Must be funnier than me.  And I'm pretty damn funny.
  3. Must work hard. You don't have to be doctor or a lawyer, but you better hustle hard and be the best damn (fill in the blank) there ever was.
  4. Must have good teef.  Cuz I don't want buck-toothed children.
  5. Must not be douchey. I don't care where you got your degree from, everybody's sh*t stinks.
  6. Must be worldly. You gotta be able to talk about everything from Snooki to Syria.  And take me places, an empty passport is a wasted passport. 
  7. Must like to clean.  Cuz I hate it.  I'll do the cooking, but that bathroom will not clean itself.
  8. Must love Jesus.  This one's a non-negotiable. 
So, what yall think?  Too much?

Ladies (and Gents), what are your dealbreakers?


  1. thats actually a realistic list. some ladies list i see are crazy.

  2. Seems reasonable to me.

  3. This is a very attainable list...if they can't meet this list they really aren't fit to be with lol. no your expectations are not too high!


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