Saturday, April 18, 2015

MIXtapED Emotions

Remember back in the day when you liked someone. I mean reaaaally liked someone. You'd sit on the phone all night just listening to them breathe. You'd wear their T-shirts or jacket (ladies) just cuz it smelled like him.

And you'd make them a mixtape.

Making a mixtape was an intimate profession of your puppy love. You had to figure out the songs that perfectly described your relationship or your feelings. Then you had to put in work. Wait for the songs to come on the radio, and record them one by one; you were meticulously crafting your love story for your crush.  After you painstakingly decided the 8 to 12 songs that perfectly described your love (and fit on the cassette), you delivered the mixtape and hoped that your crush would feel all your feels as they listened. 

Maybe it's time to go back to that simpler day and age. Can you imagine compiling a list of songs you know your Instagram crush likes? (Wait, that's creepy, don't do that.)  How about getting a mixtape from your new boo or from your husband on Valentine's Day?  From now until forever, you would always have a copy of the soundtrack to your love.

What song would be on your mixtape?

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