Sunday, February 19, 2012

I heart Jeremy Lin

As I'm sure you've all heard by now, there is a player for the New York Knicks who is taking the basketball world by storm. No not Carmelo Anthony, Jeremy Lin!  (I actually think Mike D'Antoni stepped on Carmelo's groin to keep him out longer...the Knicks are phenomenal without their $80 million star.)  But back to Lin...I <3 him!  Let me tell y'all why I love this guy:

He Loves the Lord: My #1 requirement for any man I date is that they love the Lord. And Jeremy surely does! From his Twitter picture to his recent declaration he wants to be a minister...he's automatically marriage material in my book!

He's Humble: Every time Jer is interviewed, he's always incredibly humble. Any praise he gets he immediately defers to his team yet in defeat, he takes it all on his shoulders.

He went to Harvard: So y'all know he's smart. Good. Nothin more I can't stand than a stupid man.

He's obviously good at sports: I LOVE basketball. So does Jeremy. Nuff said.

He already lives in NYC: I have a rule about dating people outside of the city, actually my borough. Well, J is based right here in the city on the isle of Manhattan!  Win.  Win.

So Jeremy Lin, there's one thing I wanna know: Will You Marry Me?

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