Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love & HipHop: A Guide for Black Women

Aight, I know everyone is tired of these ladies...and frankly I am too.  But, I just couldn't resist; there's a life lesson in everything.

Emily: She spends her days & nights pining over a man who has disrespected her and their relationship behind her back and in front of her face.  Instead of moving on or demanding more from him, she's waiting patiently for him to grow up and crying to anyone who will listen.  When last we saw Emily, she was ecstatic that her man finally 'claimed' her in public.  *Blankstare face*

The lesson in this one ladies: Men will only do what we allow them to get away with.  If you put up with lying & cheating, it will continue to happen.  You teach people how to treat you.  

Chrissy: Where shall I begin? Oh yes.  She wants to be married, but has stayed in her relationship for 7 years without a ring.  She's whined, cried, and complained along the way, but still has never left.  Now that she's gotten her ring, with or without the actual wedding, she's content.

The lesson in this one ladies: If you stay with a man for years, not requiring that he marry you, he prolly won't marry you.  You know, cows ... milk ... free.  Secondly, if you cry wolf for 7 years, there's a pretty good chance your man knows you're not gonna leave. 

Kimbella/Erica: Though they think they're different people, they're really the same person.  A ho-fessional is a ho-fessional...whether you do it on Twidda or the respectable way, in music videos.

The lesson in this one ladies: Stop thinking being a ho-fessional is going to be your big break.  If your career goals include Bad Girls Club or getting knocked up by somebody famous, it's time to rethink your life.  Go read a book!

Yandy: I'm still not sure about her.  On the one hand, I think she actually has a job, she manages artists.  But on the other hand, Jim Jones was about as relevant as Ja Rule until Love & Hip Hop came along.  Maybe she's not so good at her job after all.  My biggest issue with Yandy was her personal involvement with her former lover client, Jim Jones.

The lesson in this one ladies: Keep your work life and your personal life separate.  "Don't sh*t where you eat"

Olivia: Mmm, poor girl.

The lesson in this one ladies: Always follow your dreams.  HOWEVER know when to hold em & when to fold em.  I think it's time Olivia just gets a job at McDonald's and rides quietly off into the sunset.

Aight, and now I'm really done.

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