Monday, February 27, 2012

Young & Hip Hop

Recently I went out to an after-work party here in NYC.  I like the after-work crowd cuz they're chill, good people, good vibes & no cover.  However at this last party, I noticed something...I didn't know any of the songs!  I spent the whole night fake two-stepping to songs that I barely recognized.  And that's when it hit I old?

Between the ever indistinguishable pop music (Rhianna, Pitbull, LMFAO) strip club music (anything Waka Flacka does) and Drake (I hate his face)...I think I'm out of touch.  It wasn't until the DJ started playing the obligatory MJ set with some old school Chaka & Stevie that I really found my groove.  But, when did I become an old lady?

I'm only 27...I like to think I'm still young & hip.  Oh wait, is the fact that I just said young & hip an indication of being old?  I think the real issue is I'm just not into today's music.  I love vocals and harmonies, instruments and minor chords.  Today's music seems like it's more about computer-made beats, catchy phrases (YOLO!), and twerking.

I dunno, maybe it's time I take a break from the club scene, or at least find a nice 30 and over club that's more in line with my 1990s sensibilities.  To all the DJs out there, let's bring back some of the classics: a lil Jodeci, teenage Bobby Brown, old school Mary J, hell, all 3 Tony's.  Let's show these whippersnappers what real music is!

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