Monday, July 9, 2012

Facebook Stalking

Aight, so we've all done it.  Whether you're bored or on a mission, every now & then you get a lil caught up in Facebook stalking.  You click on 1 profile or 1 album too many then all of a sudden you realize three hours have past.

See, there are a lot of different people you can stalk on Facebook:

  • The Ex - You always wanna check up on the one that got away to make sure that he's no longer happy cuz he's not with you.
  • The Ex's Current Girl - Well, you gotta check her out to see if she's cuter than you...she's probably not.
  • Your Crush - How else will you know what his favorite movies/food/TV shows/friends/Bible verses/restaurants are?
  • The Cool Kid - You know this person; the one who vacations in Europe every 2 months and parties in VIP with Jay-Z.
In our social media heavy world, it's way to easy to stalk people with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, hell Google!  So what can we learn from this: A-don't put your whole life on social media and B-whatever you do,  don't get caught.

Who do you Facebook stalk?

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