Monday, July 23, 2012

Party like a Rockstar

So last week was my birthday and I had the most AMAZING week.  For my birthday this year, I celebrated FOUR times.  I know.  But, I'm a lil over the top so of course my birthday celebration had to be over the top.  So I wanted to give you guys a recap of all my celebrations AND what I wore to each one.

Night 1: Harlem Nights
Yall know I *heart* Harlem so of course I had to start my birthday week in my 'hood.  My friends & I hit up all of our usual spots celebrating along the way.  For this night, I wore my new summer fave maxi with the most amazing print and  I paired it with gold accessories.

Dress ~ Walmart
Earrings ~ SoHo
Necklace ~ Aldo

Night 2: Midtown Lounge
For this night, my friends & I hit up a Midtown hotel party.  I haven't been out in ages, so why not go to Midtown for my birthday.  And because I'm getting so old, this is probably the last time I'll be allowed in a club.  This night, I wore this Black peplum dress (I adore peplum) and paired it with my cobra earrings.

Dress ~ Fashion to Figure
Earrings ~ Bebe

Night 3 (My actual birthday): Surprise Party!

Yay, I'm 28!  (Whoa, I'm 28.)  My day started with cards, gifts and this cookie cake from my co-workers.  I loooove cookie cake.

Later that evening, my friends surprised me with a happy hour in Tribeca, cupcakes THEN a dinner at David Burke Kitchen.  If all the surprises weren't enough, the chef came to our table and took a picture with me.

For this day, I wore this white peplum top (again, I adore peplum) and this leopard print skirt.  Ummm, I looked pretty amazing.

Top ~ New York & Co
Skirt ~ Forever 21

Night 4: Birthdays by Div
For the fourth and final celebration, my co-workers and I hit up a Midtown East happy hour.  I have been blessed with co-workers who are also friends so we always have a great time together.  This night was no different!  Since this was the culmination of birthday week, I wanted to wear something fun.  I think this shirt pretty much sums me up!

Shirt ~ Custom Plus

I had an incredible birthday...thank you to everyone who celebrated with me!

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