Friday, January 11, 2013

Bad Boys

Why is it that girls spend so much time chasing after bad boys? As children, girls only like the boy who pulls their hair, not the boy quietly cleaning erasers. Unfortunately, this fascination doesn't stop in childhood. Some of us ladies spend so much time chasing after the bad boy that we don't recognize the good guy standing right in front of us.

It started with the Fonz and that leather jacket.

Then the Rudy/Bud/Stanley triangle on The Cosby Show. Stanley couldn't even read good but he wore his hat sideways & had puppy dog eyes. He was gonna win over Bud every. time.

A lot of us afflicted with single women's disease want to be married, but we're still out here chasing a leather jacket, fitted and a dream. Well I say it's time we give the ole sweater vests a chance. After all, when its time to settle down and make a family, who would you rather have leading your household? Good or Bad?

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