Saturday, January 5, 2013

Book Review: Mogul

Mogul is about a high powered music executive who lives his life on the down low. While many people might not be able to see past the homosexual undertones of the book, it also deals with issues of acceptance, true love and tolerance. And oh yeah, there's lots of sex.*

The book is pretty well written and really dives into the "alleged" down low culture of the entertainment industry.  Word is, this book was written about a well-known record executive... *whispers* but yall ain't hear that from me.  Now I will say I felt the book ended very abruptly. You're introduced to multiple characters and their story lines and when the book ended I literally said "That's how it ends?!"  But, I would recommend this book, just not as a Christmas gift for your pastor. 

*In the spirit of full disclosure, this book is rated R. There are some explicit sex scenes. (I even covered my eyes while I was reading some parts.) But if you can handle the graphic sex scenes then I do suggest you read this book.  I'm also questioning if I'll be able to handle 50 Shades of Grey now...

Next Up: The Sacred Place by Daniel Black

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