Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's all about meme meme meme

Unless you've been missing from social networks for the last few months, you've been inundated on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram with memes.  What is a meme you say?  Well, a meme is defined as an image or video that is passed electronically from one internet user to another.  My definition of a meme is a picture with annoying text written over it (see above).  Are some of them funny? Yeah.  But are they mostly annoying?  Hell yeah.  The most annoying thing about memes is they are mass-produced and copied over and over and over again.  What is the purpose of being on social networks if all you're going to do is reproduce other people's ideas?

Me, I like to be an original.  My own thoughts, my own ideas...other people's recipes.  Hell, that's why I started this blog.  The internet has become our virtual footprint.  I, for one, want my footprint to be my original work.

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