Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friend Roster

I have an AMAZING circle of friends.  (I bet mine is better than yours.)  When you're younger, you're quick to call any and everybody your friends.  But, the older you get, the smaller your circle becomes; your friends become your family.

Just like in basketball, you have your Starting (Fab) Five:  

  • Roll Dog - This is the person that you can call up at 1 in the morning & say let's go out & they are ready to roll!  The key to your roll dog is they have to live in the same city and just as they are down to roll with you at anytime, it has to work both ways.
  • Life Coach - This is the person that you can tell all of your issues and secrets and they give you great advice.  This person can look at any situation and give you the most logical, rational answer.
  • Lawyer/Doctor/Financial Advisor - When you have to choose a stock option or that rash just won't go away; this is the person that you call.   
  • Life of the Party - This is the friend who knows where to party and who to party with wherever you go.  Whether yall are in Morocco or Bismarck, North Dakota, they'll have you poppin bottles.  
  • Connector - This is the friend who knows someone in every field.  This is the person you call up when you are looking for a new job, a new apartment, or a new man.  
I think with my friends, I'm the Life Coach or the Roll Dog.  I can't even find myself a man, so I'm definitely not a Connector....   

So, which one are you?  Who's in your Fab Five?


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