Saturday, July 6, 2013

Book Review: Becoming Sister Wives

As I've told y'all before, I watch ALL reality TV; from cupcakes to little people to ho-fessionals.  So when my favorite polygamists released a book about their lives, I had to read it.  For those unfamiliar, the TLC reality show is about 1 guy, 4 wives, and about 1758734 kids.  In the book, each wife gets to tell her story about their upbringing, their individual marriage, how they raise their kids, and how they interact with their sister wives.  If you watch the show, you're probably a bit curious as to how they all got started.  If you're curious about polygamists that don't wear house on the praire dresses, this is probably an interesting read.  But bottom line: you probably won't be interested in this book if you aren't a fan of the show.

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