Saturday, June 29, 2013


There is no one on this earth I ride harder for than my sister.

My sister and I can text each other one word and will bust out laughing.

My sister is smarter than me.

My sister is 7 shades lighter than me, yet we have the same mother and father.

My sister and I are exact opposites in some ways, yet just like each other in other ways.

My sister knows everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) about me.

My sister once gave me a pencil as a Christmas gift.

My sister is the first person I call when I have good news and the first person I cry to when I have bad news.

My sister and I got matching tattoos for her birthday last year.  This year, I think I have to give her a kidney...

My sister would give me the last $5 out of her bank account.

My sister is the only person who can call me fat.

My sister is a homeowner AND a business owner.

My sister, although she's younger than me, is my conscious.

Happy Birthday to my sissy, my BFF, my first sorella!

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  1. AWW Div, this is so sweet!!!!!!


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