Saturday, September 21, 2013

"You Look Like You Can Sing"

Recently, I was out to dinner and there was a live band performing in the restaurant. The band, and their groupies, were doing some crowd participation when one of the groupies pointed at me and said those dreaded words: "You look like you can sing!"

Can I sing? Of course I can. But that's not the point! The hell is it about me that makes people think I can sing? Oh, maybe it's cuz I'm Black and a big girl. RACIST!

This is not the first (nor will it be the last) time someone has asked me this question. Anytime a plus size singer/actress gets famous the comparisons start:

LaTocha Scott from Xscape.



Ok, maybe not Adele but you get my point.

The moral of the story: Well, there is no moral to this story.

1 comment:

  1. Well Div, did you sing? You would have blown the socks off of them as the Div ca sing.


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