Friday, December 6, 2013


As a serious blogger, I've gotta vent about some of my journalistic peers. It seems that blogs and other media outlets are becoming lazy. It's bad enough that people don't read actual newspapers or books anymore. But now people won't even read articles online...they settle for lists.

You know these lists *cough* Buzzfeed *cough* ... Top 2 ways to tell that you're a girl or 10 things you find in your belly button.  Is our collective attention span so short now that we can only digest information in 5 word chunks? Matter fact, did you stop reading this post after the first paragraph?! See. Lazy.

For a New Years resolution, why don't we resolve to be a more educated populace?  Or, let me put it in terms you'll understand:

Top One Thing that is Making Americans Dumber:
1. Mental Incapacity   

A Lazy Blogger who only writes new posts two times a year

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