Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Review: A Belle in Brooklyn

As the learn-ed scholar that I am, you would think that I love to read.  Well, I used to...3 college degrees ago.  I recently completed my 2nd Masters and vowed that I would rekindle my love for reading.  So I got a NYPL library card & got to it.  My first book after my 10 year hiatus was A Belle in Brooklyn.

I started following Belle on Twitter a while ago.  (I refer to her as Belle cuz we are BFFs in my head.)  The first thing I noticed about her was the platinum blonde streaks in her hair...I adore them.  (More on this later.)  Belle started off working at magazines and eventually started a blog which lead to this fab book.  A Belle in Brooklyn is basically the life story & life lessons of a 20-something making her way through NYC.  Wait a minute, I'M a 20-something making my way through NYC!  I love Belle's candor & reading the book feels like your girlfriend recounting all the hilariously awkward and awesome moments of her life.  What I love the most about Belle is her assertiveness.  As a sweet, shy (no really, I am) gal myself, I admire the way Belle fearlessly handles relationships, career decisions, and tackles this great big beautiful city.

So, cheers to you Belle & all of us Belles-in-the-making. 

Next up for Div's Book Club: My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands by Chelsea Handler.  The title alone is hilarious to me...thanks for the recommendation Kimmy T.

PS. What yall think about me getting platinum blonde streaks???? :-)


  1. I say go for it! Add some tracks of platinum blonde. Don't forget to post some pics!

  2. Thanks! Think I just might do it...


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