Monday, October 1, 2012

Dorothy. Rose. Blanche. Sophia.

So y'all might not know this, but I am the biggest Golden Girls fan. I've seen every episode, know every word...I love those little old ladies.  They were groundbreaking in so many areas.  They were hilarious, told dirty jokes, and showed us that people over 65 still had sex. (Yuck!)  I learned life lessons from them, including:

Dating: We learned so much from the GGs about relationships with men.  We learned you shouldn't settle and to  play the field until you find that one guy that you can't live without.

Friendship: These ladies were the definition of ride or die.  Whatever they did, they did together.  Not only that, but they would do anything for each other.

Sarcasm: If you can't laugh at with your friends, who can you laugh at with.

Independence: Four women living by themselves in Miami.  They were widowed or divorced and could have shriveled up but they owned their stories and decided to go out on their own.  Respect.

Well ladies, I thank yall for being the epitome of a good friend.

What's your favorite GG episode?

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