Monday, October 22, 2012

The Curse of the Celebrity Girlfriend

In sports, the worst thing that could ever happen to an athlete is getting a celebrity girlfriend.  I'm serious.  A celebrity girlfriend is worse than a lockout, getting traded, or a torn ACL.  When these athletes mix with Hollywood, they become more concerned about their next reality show deal instead of getting to the gym to do their job.  Lemme give you some examples:
  • Tony Romo - He dated Jessica Simpson & The Cowboys didn't make the playoffs.
  • Mark Sanchez - He's dating cougar Eva Longoria and the Jets are having their worst season in a long time.  She was good luck for Tony Parker, bad luck for the 3-4 Jets.
  • Lamar Odom - Married Khloe Kardashian, got traded from The Lakers, went crazy, got sent to the D-League.
  • Carmelo Anthony - Well, ask the entire city of Denver, Colorado how they feel about his wife, LaLa Vazquez.
  • Jay Cutler - Dating & knocked up some girl from The Hills.  Wait, is she even a celebrity?
  • Ochocinco - I rest my case.
As a sports fan, I don't like to see Hollywood and the sports world intermix.  It muddies the waters.  Remember when Shaq made Shazaam? Yeah...

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