Thursday, October 18, 2012

We all have that ONE friend

Do you have that one friend who you tell to meet you at 5:00 knowing they'll show up at 5:30? Or you tell them the reservation is for 7:00 but you leave the house at 7:00 knowing they'll be 40 minutes late anyway?  And how do you feel when your stomach is growling cuz you're waiting for your friend to figure out what shoes to wear?

See, I am notoriously on time, (except of course for work for which I arrive at 9:16 everyday).  To me, being late is disrespectful. It's you saying that your time is more valuable than mine. That you don't respect me enough to to show up when you said you would. That I got nothing better to do then sit outside a restaurant and fake play on my phone in anticipation of your arrival.  

Well, this ends today.  I'm encouraging everyone who has that one friend, maybe two, who are constantly guilty of this indiscretion to forward/tweet/post this to the unpunctual party.  And to those of you who were sent a link to this blog post: STOP BEING LATE! YOUR FRIENDS ARE BOUT TO STOP INVITING YOU TO PLACES IF YOU CAN'T GET YOUR S#!T TOGETHER.

Sorry for the outburst, clearly I need to forward this on to some people myself...

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