Wednesday, February 13, 2013

30? Single? What's wrong with you?

This post is geared more to my male meth-heads (that's y'all's nickname by the way) but ladies, feel free to weigh in.

I've been getting hit with this "Why are you Single" question a lot recently. I used to think dudes just used this as a pick up line...and that's definitely still true, but I think a lot of guys are genuinely asking this question. When I add in that I have no kids & their minds are officially blown.

So my question is: is the fact that I'm so 'rare' more of a commentary about me or of what we expect of women, particularly Black women, these days. Cuz lemme tell you what, in many cases I'm not rare. Sure I'm gorgeous, educated, hilarious, can cook, extraordinary and watch sports...but I have tons of friends who have at least 3 of those attributes and who are also single.

So, is it us......or y'all?? The reason I'm still single?? I haven't found anyone who matches my amazing.

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