Friday, February 22, 2013

Cheese Biscuits

This recipe post is an homage to my childhood.  My mother would dutifully make breakfast for our family every Saturday morning.  One of our family favorites were cheese biscuits.  As an adult, I love to find different uses for food, so these cheese biscuits were a perfect way to remix the standard refrigerated biscuits.

1 can refrigerated biscuits
1/4 c. of cheddar cheese for each cheese biscuit
Cooking spray

1.  Flatten out each biscuit

2.  Place cheese in center of each flattened biscuit

3. Fold in the sides of your biscuits over the cheese

4. Bake for whatever time it says on the package
5. Boom. 


  1. Div, tried these and they are Delish!!!!!


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