Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LeBronathan James

LeBron James

I believe it's time to put all the speculation to rest.  I know you were waiting on me to weigh in on the LeBron/Kobe/Jordan comparisons and I'm finally ready.  LeBron James is arguably the greatest basketball player we've ever seen.  Here's why:
  • Kobe and Jordan both had Hall of Famers in their supporting cast.  Shaq was the most dominant player in his prime and Scottie Pippen was easily the #2 player in basketball, after Jordan of course.  The only reason LeBron didn't win earlier in his career was because of his supporting cast.  His teammates were Boobie Gibson and DeLonte West -_-
  • LeBron is a team player and usually looks to pass first, unlike the other two.  This guy gets triple doubles as often as a teenagers get pimples.  The last time Kobe got a triple double, it was a SportsCenter headline.
  • He's the size of a power forward (think Karl Malone - look it up), but with the quickness of a point guard (think Rajon Rondo)
  • LeBron is the youngest player to do EVERYTHING.  Youngest #1 overall pick, youngest at every thousand point milestone, youngest triple double, youngest to average 30 points...I could be here all day.  And remember, when Kobe came out of high school, he was trash his first year.
  • And, just look at his stats: Career Assits ~ LeBron (6.9) Jordan (5.3) Kobe (4.7)  Triple Doubles ~ LeBron (35) Jordan (28) Kobe (18)

So do yall agree with me?

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