Monday, May 13, 2013

Fast Five

Y'all still been working out?? Yeah, me neither. But, I have been making great strides with my healthy eating. So here are five things you can do today and start to see results tomorrow.

1. Steamfesh Vegetables ~ In my household (of one person) we have vegetables with every meal. Couple of reasons: you can fill up on veggies and they are usually 0 or 1 points. (JHud ain't the only one feeling good.) These vegetables are wonderful because all you need to do is throw them in the microwave, add a lil seasoning here and there, and then you're done.

2. Groupon ~ Now this idea I stole from one of my girls: she's given up her gym membership and uses Groupon purely for her exercise needs. She's constantly changing up her workout, getting great deals/discounts, and is no longer tied to a gym membership.

3. Weight Watchers bar code scanner ~ This might be WW greatest invention thus far; you use the bar code scanner app on your phone, scan the bar code on the item and it automatically tells you how many points the item is.  Genius!  Now I walk up and down the aisle of the grocery store scanning and scaring myself into only eating fruits and vegetables.  Again...Genius!

4. Crystal Light ~ Let's keep it all the way funky...drinking water is boring, soda is definitely where it's at. But soda, although delicious, is terrible for you. This is where Crystal Light comes in; it tastes good, is sugar free, and has a really cool name ;-) They're even adding flavors like mojito and appletini so you can fake your cocktails too.

5. 1:1 Water/Cocktail ratio ~ As I've told you before, I have a very active social life due to my undeniable personality and popularity.  One of the things I've learned is the 1:1 water/cocktail ratio.  Drinking a glass of water after every drink fills you up AND keeps you hangover!

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  1. Great ideas, Div. When my grocery store has frozen veggies on sale 10 for $10.00, I stock up. Then I just steam them in my veggie steamer basket that fits in my pot and they are Delish!!!


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