Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bird Behavior

You ever meet a girl that's a bird but don't think she a bird?  I like to think of these ladies as Swans on the outside, but Pigeons on the inside.  Basically, they're Swigeons.  Here are the Top Ten ways to tell that you are a Swigeon:

1. You always talk about how bad men are but you're in the club every weekend suckling at the VIP teet?

2. You post pictures of Beyonce & Jay Z and say "I want a love like this." (How you know? Did you give the toast at their wedding?)

3. You use words like conversate in casual conversations but don't know it's wrong?

4. You post pictures of yourself like this?

5. You narrate TV shows on your Facebook/Twitter timeline even tho no one is listening to you?

6. You spell words such as IS and WAS like IZ and WUZ?

7. You've been to one or more NBA All-Star weekend?

8. You only date men who can buy you expensive things/take you to exotic places?

9. You ever taken a selfie and captioned it "bored" even though you're in a full face of makeup?

10. You read this list and STILL don't think you're a swigeon?

Have you done at least 1 thing on this list?  Sorry, you a swigeon, boo.


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