Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Girl, you are BEAUTY-FULL

You might be asking yourself, "Div, were you always this fine?" And my answer would be a resounding "Yes!" I guess it's time I let y'all in on my secret mission: to make the world a more fashionable & confident place; one big girl at a time.

I've been pleasantly plump most of my life, except those first 2 months when I was able to fit into preemie clothes. Being chubby as a 9 year old in dance class is not fun. While everyone else looks cute in their recital costumes, you look like an Italian sausage, waiting to break out of its casing. And being fluffy as a teenager is awkward.  But being a weird looking teenager is a rite of passage!

I say all this to say, everyone has struggled with their weight, self-confidence, and feeling beautiful.  It's up to you whether or not you let that define who you are. Life is too short to feel bad about yourself. Look in the mirror and own what you got. I promise, other people will respond in kind.

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