Saturday, November 19, 2011

Married? No. Single? No. Then what are you?

So, I'ma single gal.  Therefore I spend 136% of my free time looking at men.  Whenever I'm checkin out a dude, I look at his face first, THEN left hand, then usually shoes...then back to face...then most likely outfit.  Either way, at my age, you always gotta check a man's left hand to see if he's got a ring or not.  It his ring do mean a thing, then I keep it moving.  No ring, commence flirting.

The ring check has never failed me EXCEPT whenever I come across the dreaded Engaged Man.  Engaged Man usually dresses nice and comes across as confident & not trying too hard, which is always attractive.  Engaged Man is great at conversation and compliments your personality or your style.  Engaged Man is the perfect man for you except the FACT THAT HE'S ENGAGED.

The problem is, you don't know Engaged Man is engaged cuz he has no identifiable markers.  No ring, no 'soon-to-be-mister' t-shirt.  Nothing.  This is why I'm proposing that all engaged men wear lapel pins.  No, I'm serious.  The lapel pin would signal to a young lady like myself that Engaged Man is interested in nothing more than just casual conversation; that's he's off the market.  The lapel pin would let me know that I can look but I can't touch. Hey, either a lapel pin or a face tattoo that says "Don't even waste your time."

Alas, I'll continue my search for the perfect man & you Engaged Man can go on your marry way.

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