Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Year of the HO-fessional

Let me first start out by saying that I watch ALL reality TV.  Whether it's about cupcakes, Italians, or little people...I watch it all.  And since I watch it all, I consider myself to be a 'cultural critic' you might say hater.  Hey, potato/potAto.  Anyways, what I'm most concerned about these days is the rising popularity of the HO-fessional.

The HO-fessional is a woman who has gotten famous, not because of merit or talent, but because of who she's dated or slept with.  Yall know who I'm talkin about: from the Fly by Nights (Tiger Woods 3972 jump offs) to the Matriarch (Kim Kardashian) to the OG (Monica Lewinsky).  HO-fessionals are everywhere: Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop, and the Real Housewives are 3 steps away from it.  

For some reason, our society has placed these women on a pedestal, giving them everything from magazine covers to purse lines to $19 MILLION FOR A MARRIAGE THAT LASTED 72 DAYS (yeah, I'm talkin to you Kim K).  Now we have a whole generation of chicks running around tryna be HO-fessionals instead of PRO-fessionals.  But why? What are we teaching our young girls?  That we don't value your brain as long as you got a big butt?  Make sure you chase after athletes instead of an education? 

Ladies, it's time to reclaim your PRO-fessional status.  Be bout your business, don't get caught up in chasing after dudes & living 'that' life.  Be a lady, carry yourself as such & you're sure to be the next Ann Fudge, Valerie Jarrett or Oprah!

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  1. So, so true. Sad, but true. But we can TEACH the youngens that beauty fades, money gets spent, but true values we take to the grave with us!


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