Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The BLAchelor

That's right...BLAchelor (Black + Bachelor = BLAchelor).  When are we gonna see that show??

For the last few years, ABC has shown us beautiful looking 20-somethings searching for the loves of their life in an 8-week long reality show.  Now, I must admit, I've never watched the Bachelor or it's spin-offs purely for one reason...they ain't Black.  

I have a few theories why we'll never see a Black Bachelor or Bachelorette.  1) We rarely see portrayals of Black love and marriages on TV.  Aside from Barack & Michelle, Cliff & Claire, and TI & Tiny, you would think Black people don't get married.  2) We can't be trusted to not act ignorant as soon as a camera turns on.  Turn to VH1 on any given night, with few exceptions, Black people become buffoons when that lil red light comes on.  But most importantly, 3) Flavor Flav ruined it for errrrrrrry'body.  A network finally decided to do a bachelor-style show featuring Black people & they gave us Flavor Flav??? Really??  How rude! *Stephanie Tanner voice*  Not only that, but Flavor of Love definitely fed into all types of Black stereotypes: hoodrats, fighting, big clock medallions.

Hey, I believe in the power of Black love, I've seen it first hand in my family.  It would be nice to finally see that reflected on TV.


  1. If Drake can get rich off a mixtape then we can get rich off a black Batchelor...lets do it!

  2. My vote for the 1st Black Bachelor is Idris Elba or that light eyed dude in the Ciroc commercials.

  3. Black women are so pathetic. So what there is a black bachelor? He looks like he does not even date black women. Why are black women so emotionally invested in him? Black women are gluttons for punishment. So pathetic worrying about some black love. geez! By the way I am a black woman.

  4. Some black women are so desperate to see a black man with a black woman....embarassing


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