Monday, January 23, 2012

Black Mamba Millionaires

I'm sure yall have heard by now that Vanessa Bryant walked away with $75 million in her divorce settlement from Kobe Bean Bryant.  I'm sure yall have also heard the lyric "b*tch, you wasn't with me shooting in the gym" from Drake, America's saddest R&B rapper.  A lot of people, mostly dudes, have been riding with this lyric as though Vanessa is not entitled to any of the fortune that was amassed during their marriage.  But you know what, I'm not mad at Vanessa.  Lemme tell you why:

  1. They shoulda signed a pre-nup.  Maybe if they hadn't gotten married when they were 14 & 12, Bean would have been smart enough to protect his money. Even Kim K and her sham of a 72 day marriage was smart enough to sign a pre-nup.
  2. Vanessa stood by her husband is his darkest days.  She sat there (albeit looking foolish), holding his hand during his press conference regarding rape accusations.  It's a scientific fact (aight, maybe not) that when wives stand by their husbands, their careers bounce back quicker.  Look at Hillary & Bill vs. Tiger & Elin.  See?
  3. Just because someone marries an athlete/entertainer does not mean they've signed an agreement to be cheated on.  Point blank, period.
So, was she out there shooting free throws, winning championships & getting endorsements? Nah.  But did she stand by him, have his children, and set up a cozy life for him? Yeah.  What's that worth?  I can't really say, but the state of California says $75 million!

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