Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 10 Reasons why BET will never be TVOne

10. TVOne is for grown-ups; BET is for teenagers.  If you're not in middle school, nothing on BET is appealing to you.  Quick: what channel is BET?? Exactly.

9. The only movies they ever play on BET are Tyler Perry movies or chitlin circuit plays starring Clifton Powell.  Like seriously, how many times can dude play a preacher/wife-beater/drug dealer?

8. The original programming on TVOne (Unsung, Life After, etc.) are heads and tails above anything on BET.  With the exception of Tocarra's show & Ashley Bank's show, TVOne programming is far & above anything BET produces.

7. I'm not totally sure, but I think BET is owned by 'The Man.'  Minus 1 point.

6. TVOne plays re-runs of shows we all miss.  Martin, Living Single, Different World, Good Times...those are my jams and they're just as funny as when they first came on.

5 - 2. 106 & Park is still on the air.  I watched 5 minutes of 106 a few days ago & I swear I saw Terrance J hold up an SOS sign.  He hates his life.  And he should.  He's a college-educated 20-something interviewing Mindless Behavior about their views on the GOP primaries.  Terrance J, SAVE YOURSELF!

1. The Game. BET ruined a show that was pretty great.  A few years ago, The Game was cancelled by the CW but fans petitioned and fought for the show to come back.  Great.  Then BET took it over.  Hol up.  While the cast is still the same, I'm not sure if there are new writers, producers, set designers, etc., but whatever it is, something is just...off.

Aight, I've been kinda hard on BET.  I do think they're trying to do better by having news programming, gospel music hours, and awards shows.  So yall get one clap from me. *CLAP*  However, let's step our game up in 2012.  Black people are making big moves, why not reflect that on OUR TV network?


  1. Preach Crystal! I was thinking the EXACT same thing (literally) the other day. TVOne is the only one; BET is trying a little bit with "Centric", but "Centric" doesn't hold a candle to TVOne. TVOne makes me feel PROUD; BET makes me feel... embarrassed.

    Love your post! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Jamie! And I def. agree...


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