Friday, January 6, 2012

The S word

No not THAT 'S' word.

THAT 'S' word.

Despite how cool Beyonce made it look, being single isn't always fun.  (I've been single so long, people don't even ask me when I'm getting married and having babies.)  Let's face it, the dating world is rough, especially for Black women.  Besides the fact that we are the 'least likely to be married, you'd have better luck being a lesbian' demographic, if you discount the Black men in jail, married, or gay, that leaves approximately 5 eligible Black men left in the WORLD.  And trust me, these 5 dudes know us Black women are clamoring to get to them.  They are in nooo rush to put a ring on it.

Besides trying to find these eligible men, it's hard to figure these men out.  As if trying to find your own place in this world isn't hard enough, trying to figure out how you relate to other people, especially men, can be downright confusing and time-consuming.  Who's got time to date and figure out 'the game' that men play?? Not me.
But, you know what, I'm totally fine with being single. You know who's not okay with me being single...Facebook.  No less than 90% of my Facebook friends are married, engaged or pregnant with their 5th child.  Everyday I log on to Facebook to see another ultrasound or engagement ring and am reminded of my empty womb and naked finger.      

Alas Facebook, I'm trying.  Cut me a lil's hard out here.

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