Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Girls Need Love Too

Recently the plus-size blogosphere was abuzz over H&M launching their plus line.  Finally, another trendy, moderately priced retailer was doing something for the big girls.  This past weekend, I had friends visiting NYC so we decided to check out H&M+ ... well that was a huge fail.

  • They gave us big girls a whole wall.  A wall yall.  Not a floor, not a section, but a wall.
  • Even though the trends this season are colored pants, floral prints, neons, etc., the plus-size section was gray, navy, and black.  Now, all of these are nice colors for a gloomy winter day, but not Spring!
  • All the clothes were shaped like a long flowy moo moo or beautiful cardboard box.  Well, my body is shaped like a coke bottle, I'd like my clothes to reflect that. 

Oh H&M, nice try.  But try again.

Ladies, what are some of your favorite plus-size retailers?


  1. Check out ASOS Curve!

    1. I love them! Also Dorothy Perkins is another one of my new faves. It seems like the UK does plus sizes a lil better than the US.

  2. Dont forget plus sized clothes are priced higher than their regular counterparts. Um story of my life, that's why I'm trying my damndest to get out of the plus sizes!

    1. I feel you! But luckily, we're getting more moderately priced options. Gone are the days of Lane Bryant and $140 jeans lol


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