Friday, April 6, 2012

So You're Thinking About Moving to New York City...

...well don't!

Let me rephrase that.  Make sure you give it some thought.  I LOVE New York.  Three years ago, I made a huge decision to quit my very stable job (as my mother made sure to reminded me) & gave up a gorgeous apartment to move to NYC and attend grad school.  It was a huge change but I did it ... and I love it.  But, it ain't for everybody.

New York is expensive as hell!  Don't think you're gonna come here & live like Carrie Bradshaw or Evelyn Lozada.  You'll most likely live in a closet that costs more than 2 weeks salary.  Not only that, but everything here costs twice as much as it does everywhere else.  Box of cereal - $7.  Happy Meal - $11.  Deodorant - $13.  Aight, these might not be actual figures but they're pretty damn close.

Secondly, ain't no jobs here.  As I mentioned before, I have 2 Master's Degrees & was begging people to hire me.  Trust me, ask any Broadway actor or actresses restaurant waitress or hostess, it's hard out here.  And food for thought, you probably shouldn't move anywhere unless you already have a job lined up anyways.

And you know what, New York stinks ... literally.  You will smell some things here that only the devil himself could create.  Human feces in the train station, throw up on the side walk at 3:00 pm, or someone eating yogurt during your morning commute just to name a few.

So, if you can handle all this stuff, you are 1/867th of the way ready to move to NYC.  Is New York as glamorous as you see on TV?  Yeah, it can be.  Will living here make a man outta you & put some hair on your chest?  Definitely.  After all, they don't say If I can make it here, I'll make it anywhere for nothin.

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