Thursday, April 12, 2012

white male privilege vs. The Professional Black Woman

As a double minority, Black Women have had to work twice as hard and be twice as good at everything they do to get to their station in life. I think that's why when the Professional Black Woman comes in contact with white male privilege, it's always a recipe for disaster.

As a Professional Black Woman, you always remember the first time you run up against white male privilege: passed over for a job you were clearly more qualified for, doing the work of others who hold higher titles than you, receiving less pay then colleagues with half your experience. Yes, all of these things still happen ... even in 2012.

One thing I inherited from my mother, besides my good looks and awesome party-hosting abilities was being a professional Black Woman on the opposite side of white male privilege. My mother had to endure training colleagues with less qualifications than her only for that person to later become her boss. She's had to put up with bosses whose sole purpose was to break her spirit. I'm sure my mother assumed that 20 years later, this wouldn't be the world I inherited from her; unfortunately she was mistaken.

See, what I've come to realize is white male privilege is terrified of the Professional Black Woman. As soon as they see us coming, they get nervous and resort to their old tricks: oppression, belittling us, calling us names like Angry Black Woman. You see, they tried for years to break Black Women ... everything from rape to sterilization to voting rights.  But we didn't go anywhere, we're still here.  I'm a Professional Educated Strong Black Woman ... and I'm your worst nightmare.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your views!

    There is definitely a ways for us all to go in the battle of fairness in the workplace and in life in general.

    I support your spirit of not giving up and facing obstacles head first. Be encouraged!

    -Gee James
    --> @CMediaUSA


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