Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get yo weave!

As a card carrying member of the Weavy Wonder club, I think I'm in a position to have an honest conversation with you ladies.  Some of yalls weaves are un-ac-ceptable.  I've already shared my disdain for lacefronts so I won't harp on that again.  But, just because you're not wearing a lacefront, doesn't mean your hair is on point.  Lemme give you a few examples:

The Exposed Track:
Classic (and rookie) weave fail.  There should always be enough hair to cover your tracks...just like in life.

Unkempt Weave: 
If you gotta unkempt weave, I am only to assume you have an unkempt life. Just ask my friend Nay about her roomie Lil. The first time I met Lil, her hair was lookin crazy and she, in turn, ended up being crazy.

The Ridiculous Color:
No one, in the history of the world, was born with blue & purple hair.  Now, as a Blonde Bombshell, I think a lil color is fine.  I've done a red streak or 2 in my day.  But your WHOLE HEAD in purple?? Ummm, nooooo.

Smelly Weave: 
Just because you have a weave does not mean you shouldn't wash your hair. Your weave will trap all kinds of smells (sweat, cigarettes, desperation) so make sure you stick to a regular hair care schedule.

The Braxtons:
Disclaimer: I do love the Braxtons, I don't always love their hair.  The evolution of the Braxtons weave has been impressive...

...but they ain't there yet.

To all my Sewn-in Sisters, I fully support your choice for enhancement...just make sure you look good doin it!

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  1. Hy sweetie! lovely post, maybe we can follow each other? Kisses


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