Thursday, May 17, 2012

Can Men and Women be Friends?

So my BFF of over 10 years now is a guy and we've been thick as thieves since our first year of college.  We're very similar in a lot of ways: we're both Black, very driven, extremely intelligent, and would you believe, he is even funnier than me.  We're also different in a lot of ways: I'm suburban, he's city.  I'm a free spirit, he's a corporate kid.  But you know what is really great about us?  We've always been just friends.

Now, you'd think because my BFF is a guy that I would think men and women can be friends, but I'm not so sure.  See, as you get older, your relationships and your reason for the relationship change.  In your 20s when you meet a new guy, you don't think "I wonder if we'll be friends forever" you think "I wonder what our kids will look like."  Our relationships are no longer innocent and built on just being friends, it seems there are always ulterior motives.  Somebody is always catching feelings.

What I think is really at fault is people not being honest.  If you meet a new guy and you like him but he just wants to be friends, you need to re-evaluate whether you hang around or not.  There's nothing worse than one person hanging on to a "friendship" hoping it turns into something more. 

So, can men & women be friends? At our age?  Ehhhh, I'ma say no.  Unless you're me & my BFF, then the answer is yes!

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