Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mom is cooler than your Mom

Christmas 2011

Before Michelle Obama. Before Claire Huxtable. There was my mommy ... or Cheryl as I like to call her.

What can I say about my mom? 
She's a loving wife, daughter, and mom.
She's smart.
She's an amazing cook and party-planner.
She's funny ... most of the time.
She's God-fearing.
She's a wonderful friend and amazing advice-giver.
She'll always tell you what she really thinks.  

My mother and I are similar in a lot of ways.  So as you can imagine, we butted heads quite a bit when I was growing up.  My teenage years were not so fun for her.  Not that I was out doing drugs or going to wild parties, but I had a mouth on me (can you believe it) and am stubborn as a mule.  My mother often tells me she hopes I have a child just like me.  I welcome it. 

Over the years, my mother and I have gotten very close.  We're actually on a first name basis now.  When I went to college and actually left my parent's house was when I really grew to appreciate my mom.  As she's always told me, being a parent doesn't come with a guidebook, so you pretty much just do the best you can while making some stuff up along the way.  Well, I'd say she did a pretty terrific job!

Today, I celebrate my mommy who made me the woman that I am today, and for that you should all be grateful.


  1. Awww...thanks Crys!

  2. Excellent description of your Mom!

  3. Why thank you! I thought so too! :-)


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