Monday, May 21, 2012

I'ma put you to bed, Malik


I just wanted to remind everyone of this great moment in TV history.  For those that don't know, before The Game came to BET and DIED, it used to be a pretty witty and clever show on the CW.  This is a scene from one of the earlier seasons.  This scene is memorable for a few reasons:

1) It deals with homophobia and closeted gay men in the Black community.
2) It was the end of J. Holiday's career.

The song "Bed" by J. Holiday was a pretty popular song.  J. Holiday was on his way up until this scene in The Game.  You see, now anyone who ever hears the song "Bed" by J. Holiday automatically thinks "I'ma put you to bed, Malik."  Thus signalling the end of J. Holiday's career.  Don't worry J. Holiday, from the sounds of it, The Game is on it's way out as well.

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