Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Video Game

So I had this idea for a video game...patent pending (aka Don't Steal My S#!&).

Name: Tourist Trap
Setting: New York City
Main Character: Me, of course
Scenes: Times Square, Central Park, 125th St, Macys, Lower East Side, etc.

So the object of this game will be for the main character to make their way through the city and get to where they're going on time.  All the while, you have to avoid obstacles like tourists, strollers, homeless people, cabs and police barricades.

As in any video game, you have the option to get extra points.  You get extra points for pick pocketing tourists, giving money to the homeless, and crossing the street without getting hit by a cab.  You win each level by getting to your destination on time.

And of course you gotta have a bonus round.  The bonus rounds will be to see how many people you can stuff into a subway car or how many slices of deli meat you can stack on a Katz sandwich.

The final level of the game will be to successfully hail a cab as a Black person. (Welp, maybe that last level can use some more refining.)  Either way, somebody call Hasbro, I think I got a gem on my hands!

P.S. This video game was inspired by my frustrations walking through the city trying to get to work.  I often, in my head, make up little games as I walk down the street.  Stay tuned for my next video game "Is it a Rat or a Squirrel?" also inspired by real life events.

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