Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sarcasm Font

So I'm sarcastic.  If you've not gleaned that from this blog then you should probably stop reading.  Usually, my dry humor works to my advantage.  I'm easy to talk to, people find me unbearably charming and smart.  Where this sarcasm doesn't work so well: with children and in text.

I've tried being sarcastic with kids...they don't get it.  Their tiny brains haven't formed the humor quadrant yet.  If you tell a kid "I hate your face" they usually end up crying.  It's not my fault they didn't get the joke.

You know where this sarcasm thing gets real tricky for me?? In text.  Unfortunately, no one has invented the sarcasm font yet.  Me ... I don't take myself too seriously & 90% of what comes out of my mouth is a joke; but you can't distinguish that on a text.  Sure I could put the obligatory "lol" or the coquettish " :-) " but that ain't me.  I'm straightforward, a lil inappropriate, but usually hilarious.

I dunno who I should speak with about this: Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, maybe Barack.  But, I need a font that accurately captures what I'm saying and the (non)emotion behind it.

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