Monday, June 4, 2012

An Open Letter to the TSA

Dear TSA,

First of all, thank you for keeping us safe.  Now, I gotta couple of questions:  

Why do you take my toothpaste and lotion? I understand your 3 ounces rule, but they do not make lotion for Black people in 3 ounce containers.  As a Black woman, do you expect me to travel sans lotion?

Also, why do you pat down my hair?  I could see if I had a mullet, I would be suspicious of me too, but I'm damn near bald.  

And, why does food in the airport cost so much? Only in an airport can you find a cold sandwich that was made 3 days ago that costs $12.

And, how come the person that makes the announcements regarding flight information doesn't speak English?

And, why come there's never any overhead space for my luggage? I stopped checking bags because you lose them AND you charge me for it.  (By the way, that is ridiculous!)

And why do yall keep the temperature on airplanes at 58 degrees?  Unless of course, we sit on the runway, then you crank it to 98?

And when did yall stop showing movies on flights? How else am I gonna see Adam Sandler's latest terrible movie?

Ok. That's all I wanted to know.



What would you say to TSA?

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