Monday, March 26, 2012

Blonde Bombshell

Yes, you read that right...I'm a blonde now.  Well, not entirely.  I am still an education professional by day.

So, as I told yall a while back, I LOVED the blonde streaks on A Belle in Brooklyn.  So I went to my local hair & wig shop on 125th St. (HARLEM!) and bought a pack of 613.  What, yall thought I was gonna dye my own hair?? Uhhhhhh, nah.  

When my stylist first put the blonde in, I had a slight heart attack ... cuz it was ... well, blonde.  But I love how it turned out!  Hey, it's something new & fresh for spring right.

This pic is courtesy of my fabulous co-worker!

Dress & Denim Jacket - Forever 21

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